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Flash Animated eVites, are commonly used to invite recipients to special events like client parties, industry conferences, seminars and essentially any type of special event where a paper invitation would normally be designed, printed and delivered.

A Flash eVite creates a special experience for the recipient whereas similar results are difficult, if not impossible, to achieve with a traditional printed invitation. Combining photos, text and animation, all synchronized to a complimentary audio track establishes an experience that both drives awareness of the event and is memorable by the recipient.

Why us Club eVite?

  • Powerful and Cost-efficient

    eVites can be sent electronically and are very cost-efficient when you need to send invitations to 200 or more people. Saving on the cost of invitation design, printing, envelopes, labelling, postage and the administrative time involved makes using an eVite an easy decision.

  • WOW Your Audience

    eVites create more memorable experiences for the recipient and helps establish more awareness for both your event and your brand.

  • Social Media Plug-ins

    eVites can utilize other web technologies to enhance the user experience by linking to an RSVP application or donation form, we can even integrate Facebook comments and other social media.

  • Track Your Promotion

    eVite recipient read rates and other important metrics can be tracked through web analytics software. No more wondering how many people actually read the invite.